SARS. Avian Flu. Ebola.
Every year, the infectious disease changes- but the threat remains the same. We’ve all read the headlines. We all know the score. Our interconnected world is at a uniquely dangerous moment- the potential for an epidemic progressing to a catastrophic level has never been higher. The question is- what are we going to do about it? What happens when medicine fails- and society has to make the hard choices, take the severe steps necessary to stop the inevitable?

Mandatory Quarantine- a month ago, the term seemed like something out of science fiction. Today, we know better. Quarantine might be the only thing that will keep us alive.

Q is the story of a regular cop, Benjamin Grady, who suddenly finds himself on the front line of an unyielding, terrifying epidemic. His job is simple- to quarantine the Probables- those most likely to be carrying a deadly disease. But Grady quickly learns that no amount of training, no amount of lectures from the experts at the CDC or the military infectious disease specialists can prepared him for a society on the verge of losing the war to a microscopic, unrelenting scourge.

Ripped from the headlines, meticulously researched, Q lays bare the truth behind the quarantine laws that are already on the books- and what it would mean to implement them on a national scale.

At this very moment, we are closer to the edge than ever before. Whether we realize it or not- America is one poorly contained infected airliner, one disease-ridden subway car away from full-scale martial law.

Q is a true story. It just hasn’t happened yet.