Seven Wonders

Ben Mezrich returns to his fiction roots with a breathtaking thriller, SEVEN WONDERS, which Running Press is publishing as part of brand new partnership with Hollywood producer and director Brett Ratner and his imprint, RatPac Press.

Jack Grady, a field anthropologist and 21st century Indiana Jones, lives for the thrill of adventure and the joy of discovery. When his estranged brother, the introverted mathematician Jeremy Grady, is murdered, Jack is determined to find out what happened. His first clue: his brother was stabbed in the chest with an ancient ivory spear. It reminds him of the weapons of the Amazons, a fierce tribe of female warriors dating all the way back to the beginnings of mythology and history and the subject of Jack’s research for nearly half a decade. Jack embarks on a far-flung journey around the globe – from China to Peru; Egypt to Brazil – as he unravels the mystery that links the Seven Wonders of the World, represented by seven divided segments of a golden snake. With the help of the beautiful and brilliant botanist Sloane Costa and Jack’s intrepid grad students, the team discovers a conspiracy to hide a road map to the Garden of Eden – and the truth behind a mythological ancient culture.

Grounded in carefully researched historical fact, SEVEN WONDERS offers readers conspiracies, intrigue, suspense, and a whole lot of adventure. The book also marks the start of a multi-book series featuring Jack Grady, who is based on Mezrich’s own experiences studying anthropology at Harvard. The movie rights have been sold to 20th Century Fox with Brett Ratner and James Packer producing on behalf of their RatPac Entertainment and Beau Flynn.