The Midnight Ride (February 22,2022)

Ben Mezrich writes nonfiction that rivals the best suspense fiction for breakneck pacing and twists. From Bringing Down the House to Accidental Billionaires to Antisocial Network, Mezrich’s books deliver exhilarating reads that just happen to be true.

With THE MIDNIGHT RIDE (February 22, 2022; Grand Central Publishing), Mezrich delivers a commercial thriller about a hidden connection between the Gardner Museum Heist and the most fascinating secret in American History. The novel originated as a story called The Mechanic, serialized in the Boston Globe at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown. With feedback from the enthusiastic following—and motion picture rights acquired by Amblin Entertainment—Mezrich expanded that story into this high-octane thriller.

Three strangers find themselves on the cusp of an incredible discovery—one that someone is willing to kill to keep secret. Hailey Gordon is looking to make some fast cast to pay her tuition when she’s caught counting cards at the Encore casino in Boston. She grabs her winnings and makes her escape, ducking into an unlocked hotel room to hide from security, only to find a dead body. Recently released, Nick Patterson is on a job he inherited while in prison. Upon arriving at his meeting, he discovers his contact dead in his hotel room, with a terrified Hailey standing over the corpse. American history professor Adrian Jensen learns of the death of his professional nemesis upon receiving his latest research. Drawn in by a seemingly minor detail, he makes it his mission to uncover what could be one of the biggest secrets of the Revolutionary War. Together, these three unlikely allies face unexpected dangers to unearth the truth that could alter the course of American history.