“Mezrich, recipe whose The Accidental Billionaires was adapted for The Social Network, click is back with another real-life adventure.  NASA’s Thad Roberts, a romantic, wanted to do something special for his girlfriend – give her a piece of the moon; priceless rocks astronauts brought back from the lunar surface.  Breaking into NASA’s elaborate security system to swipe the rocks is a thrill ride you can image DannyOcean engineering.”

— New York Post


“Captivating…Mezrich enthusiastically re-creates this oddball 2002 moon-rock heist, led by ambitious lunar-obsessed Mormon Thad Roberts and two female accomplices, all of whom were part of a select group of NASA interns and soon-to-be astronauts-in-training.”

— Kirkus Review


“A fascinating story.  Like Mezrich’s previous books, this one has the readability of popular fiction, with a ripping story and great characters. Another winner from an extremely talented writer.”

— Booklist, Starred Review


“One of the summer’s most fun reads.  Mezrich has uncovered another high-stakes, fascinating true story, this time about a heist involving NASA, moon rocks and intense romance.  Mezrich digs through FBI records and interviews to discover the truth behind the crime; part love story, part madcap caper, part astrogeekery.”

— NPR.org


“A promising NASA recruit throws everything away for a girl, illustrating the fascinating consequences when science, ambition, and starry-eyed love collide.  Mezrich (The Accidental Billionaires, from which The Social Network was adapted) has perfected his intensely readable brand of nonfiction: talented, often unscrupulous, young people skyrocketing to the top only to tumble back to earth.”

— Publishers Weekly